Located in an imaginary industrial microcosm, Biagi’s paintings reproduce the existential exile of workers and the inevitable sacrifice of modern man, constantly exposed to the peril of the toxic environments that surround him and forced to a state of accelerated motion.
The factory is life and death, possibility and negation; it is the space in which individuals give up their natural instincts and personal freedom to become an integral part of the collective mechanism.
The alienation of labor becomes a sense of duty: out of habit, dedication to a just cause or simply a sense of belonging to a shared experience. Workers meld with the concrete of the factory and the metal of the piping, becoming the soul and scaffolding of an impregnable fortress that offers refuge for human fragility.
In one of his famous short stories, Dino Buzzati misuses the term Barbacane, which originally referred to the fortified component of fortresses and castles, to indicate a glimpse of industrial scenery. The image Buzzati sought to evoke is captured in the pictorial work of Flavio Biagi, who has adopted this term to symbolize his corrosive iron strongholds.


Born in 1973 in San Pietro in Casale (Province of Bologna), Flavio Biagi graduated from the University of Ferrara in 2002 with a degree in Philosophy. He went on to study drawing and figure drawing at the Cento Pievese artistic craft workshop under the guidance of established master painters Nicola and Matteo Nannini.
Since 2003 he has been collaborating with various fashion studios as a graphic designer.

In 2013, the Rizzoli Editore Milano publishing house chose one of Biagi’s paintings for the cover of Eric Hobsbawm’s last book, Fractured Times: Culture and Society in the Twentieth Century.
In 2014 he was a finalist in the eighth international visual arts competition Premio Arte Laguna.
In 2015 he was a finalist in the international visual arts competition Premio Gambino.

– Reggio Emilia – C9 | Land Emilia – (collective)
– Ferrara – Sebastiano Ferrarese – (collective)

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– Bologna – Materia 1° – (collective)

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– San Matteo della Decima BO – Circolo Culturale Eternit
– Bentivoglio BO, Associazione Culturale TeZe Tempozero



Effetto Joule – Mechanic Soldier – Album su disco vinile – MR-059 2016
Effetto Joule – Robespierre 12 – (Flemming Dalum Remix) – Disco Vinile – MNQ 068 2015
– A… come anni di piombo – CD Album – 2001 Vitaminic
Monorail – Montecarlo 2000 – CD Album – 2000 Vitaminic
Il gabinetto del dottor Caligari – Omonimo – CD Album – 1999 Vitaminic
Effetto Joule – Robespierre – Disco Mix – 1989 Top Sound Record

Author and composer S.I.A.E. from 1989

Discs compilations:
Vincentprice – Guerriero – CD compilation FAI IL PIENO DI MUSICA ALL’Acqued8 Vol. 2 – 2002 Acqued8
Monorail – Club Metropolitan – CD compilation GET SMART! THE GROOVY LOUNGE PARTY COLLECTION – 2001 Vitaminic
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Effetto Joule – Robespierre – CD compilation ITALO MASTER MIX Vol. 2 – 1990 Imtrat

Musical collaborations:
With the Monorail – soundtrack of the short film TRENO, directed by Schiona PG, Italy, 2008.